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Simple Steps To Make A DIY Raincoat1

Simple Steps to make a DIY Raincoat

This time when the rains hit your place make your own raincoats instead of buying a new. The following are the steps to make your own pretty DIY raincoats.

Simple Steps to make a DIY Raincoat

Find the right material:

The first thing you will have to do when you are making your own raincoat is to find the right material that will stand the tough weather and the one that doesn’t absorb water. Also find the material in good quality, so that you will not incur wear and tear expenses. The depending on the size of the coat that you are looking for, it can either be the half one or the full one, you will have to decide on the size of the material that you will require.

Check your sewing skills:

You will need a sewing machine to complete your task. But before that just make sure that you are good with sewing and that you know how to handle a machine. Raincoats look easy. But you will have to exert a lot of efforts to get it the right way, even if it going to be a basic one. That is why you are expected to check your sewing skills. If you are an average person, it might take a lot of time to complete the task.

Fix the pattern:

Once that is done, the next step that you will have to do is to measure the person for whom you are making the coat. Accordingly, draw a pattern on the material that you have. Since it is a loose outfit, if the stitch is improper, it may look awkward on the person. So fix the pattern first.

Fix the sleeves and other partitions:

Fix the partitions depending on your sewing skills. If you are pretty good, then you can even try the professional model. But if you are an amateurish tailor, then go for the simpler versions first. Fix all the pockets and partitions at the right place and fix the sleeves. You will now be left with multiple pieces that are yet to be attached.

Complete the torso:

Now that you have all the pieces at hand, tailor the edges and make it look good. Fix all the detached pieces at the right location to attach them. It is better to complete the backside of the coat and then come to the front. This way you will be able to fix the errors if any.

Attach a hood:

A raincoat isn’t complete without a hood. So the final step is to attach a small cover-like portion that will cover the crown of the person. Completing the hood and then attaching it can be difficult. So fix an additional material along with the body portion of the torso as your stitch. So once that is done you will find it easy to fix the hood for the rain. You will require a ‘T-like’ portion to get an appropriate hood.

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