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Tips To Wear Dress Shoes In The Rain1

Tips to wear dress shoes in the Rain

Seasonal clothing is an awareness that all of should have. On an average, across the globe, seasons show variations at least on a quarterly basis. We always manage to pick the right type of clothing for the right season. But sometimes we might mess up when it comes to the rainy season. This is because rains are quite unpredictable and that is the reason as to why we might miss out a bit.  If you are living in a place where there is rain all the time or if the rains never show up, then it’s fine. But if the weather is always in an arbitrary state then you might have to be on your guard. So here we are going to guide with tips to dress up the right way during the rainy season.

Tips to wear dress shoes in the Rain

Choose rubber over leather:

All of us prefer to have our shoes in fine leather. However, the same might not be the case when it rains. Leather shoes look good on you, and also they require some amount of wetness to retain moisture level and life a long life. But that doesn’t mean that you can soak them in water and let then the way you want.

Too much of exposure to water can spoil the quality of the shoes. At the same time, when you are wearing them, the moment your sole gets wet the wetness will travel to reach your socks and will make a mess right there. You do not want to lose your expensive shoes and let them succumb to tough weather.

So what do we do?

Most of us are not much aware when it comes to taking care of our leather shoes. So the best way to overcome this is to choose rubber over leather. Rubber shoes can stand the tough weather and do not get soaked easily. Just remember, leather and sponge are same when it comes to absorbing water. But rubber is a material without pores in it, and thereby water cannot reach it.

Now that you know how to take care of your shoes in the rain, gift yourself a pair of rubber shoes and lead a carefree life doing the rains.

An additional tip:

Apart from being aware of the type shoes that you have to wear during the rains, you must also know to dress yourself up. This is an additional tip. If there is one thing that you will have to avoid OB the rains, then it is the cotton wear. Avoid contact with cotton. Wear rough and thick clothes. This way you can keep yourself warm and protect yourself from the pricking cold.

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